Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday's Five

1. Currently, the Thunder are 1-11 under interim head coach Scott Brooks. Former head man P.J. Carlesimo was canned with a 1-12 record under his belt. Tonight's game against the Clippers just became huge!

2. During Oklahoma City's two game swing in Texas, The Thunder shot 48.8 percent from the field and 89.6 percent from the free throw line - 4.5 and 13.1 percentage points higher than their season average.

3. Since Brooks has taken over, Jeff Green is averaging 17.5 a game compared to 13.7 under Carlesimo. Kevin Durant is averaging 25.1 compared to 21.2. While scoring is up, defense is down.

4. OKC's next ten games are against opponents that are a combined 118-119. Five of those teams have winning records and are a combined 80-39 (Cleveland 20-4, Denver 17-7, Phoenix 15-10, Detroit 15-9, Atlanta 13-9). The remaining five are 38-80 (LA Clippers 6-17, Toronto 10-14, Washington 4-18, Golden State 7-18, New York 11-13).

5. Kevin Durant is leading the team in turnovers per game with 3.1 giveaways. My guess is over half those turns came because he was bumped on a drive and lost control. He has to get stronger with the ball and just stronger in general.


Anonymous said...

Clippers will destroy OKC tonight.

Anonymous said...

"turns"/"giveaways"- ughhhh. its not the actual act of turning the ball over that hurts so much as the relentless colloquial beating i take reading this blog.

Anonymous said...

mmmm: quite. the dogged basketball bloggers among us should indubitably cultivate our pedantic and pretentious faculties to a heretofore sublime level of verbose elocution.

Anonymous said...

this is what you get for stealing a team. These owners wanted to cut payroll so they shipped off Rashard and Ray and you Okies goit yourself an NBA JV squad. As a Seattiite .... I hope they go 4-78