Monday, December 8, 2008

Kevin Durant wows, but Thunder doesn't in 112-102 loss to Warriors

This was bad. This was just a bad loss. As if the other 19 weren't awful, this one was the worst. I know there was a late push that was pretty good, but it shouldn't have come to that.

Let me break it down this way:
1. Golden State came in to the Ford Center on a nine game skid, sitting at 5-15. In other words, a very beatable team.

2. Golden State was playing without two of its top players, Corey Maggette and Stephen Jackson. Oh, in that case, an extremely beatable team.

3. For most of the night, Oklahoma City trailed by double-digits, was down 19 at the half and by as much as 21.

4. The Thunder turned the ball over 20 times, including 15 in the first half alone.

5. And on top of that, shot 12-20 (60 percent) from the free throw line.

6. Kevin Durant did put up a mesmerizing 41 and we'd like to welcome Nick Collison back (15 and 10), but other than that, everyone flopped. Jeff Green had maybe THE WORST shooting performance I've ever seen. By my count, he airballed five times and barely caught the front of the rim once. On one of the rimless shots, I swear he missed it by a solid two feet. It was like it slipped out of his hand or was throwing an oop to Casper.

7. The first half was a very P.J.-esque performance. No intensity. No fire. Terrible, terrible defense and just an overall lack of basketball competency.

8. After playing his best game as a pro against Miami, Russell Westbrook made me want to run face first into my television tonight. Funny how rookies can do that to you. He was 4-13 from the field, had six turns and on top of it, he missed multiple key shots that could have pulled OKC within a real possibility of winning.

9. This is your home court. You're supposed to be better here, not worse. The momentum was building for a solid home win. The crowd could feel it with the tip. But then for three quarters, OKC tosses out a real stinker.

10. The Warriors shot 50.6 percent from the field and for much of the game were over 60 percent. Oh, and also had SEVEN players score in double figures.

No improvement talk tonight. We have already broken the Oklahoma State Cowboy record for most moral victories in a season. Scott Brooks said enough of those. I agree. The game is at home and you're supposed to win. And you lose. No excuses for this one. It's time to man up and win sometimes.

This was probably the most frustrating game of the season because I'd seen the improvement leading up and expected a good night. Who was I kidding? There's just a complete failure to execute in the most crucial situations. It's plagued OKC all season long and it will likely continue to plague it.

And for your Brian Davis watch, he said "triggers" or "triggered" 11 times and for good measure tossed in three "Rock-a-bye-babys." I don't even know what that's supposed to mean.

One day off and then one of the two Thunder victims comes to the Ford Center as Memphis plays OKC Wednesday night.


Anonymous said...

What happened Royce? I thought you guys were getting good at losing.

Oklahoma City Thunder Attendance said...

"Russell Westbrook made me want to run face first into my television tonight"


Ummm... the game wasn't a sellout tonight. Why were you watching it on your television instead of supporting your team in person with 17,000 other self proclaimed "Best Fans in the NBA"?

You know, the fans who would singlehandedly add 10 wins to last year's tally with their college-like exuberance and unprecedented home court advantage?

Big Wood said...

If the Thunder ever fire Brian Davis, he has to stay in Oklahoma.

It was part of the Key Arena settlement.