Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Bolts - 12.10.08

  • A first look at Kevin Durant's first signature Nike Shoe, the KD 1: "They feature a bright orange upper which is paired with yellow accents and blue shoe laces, all of which are reminiscent of the Oklahoma City Thuder’s team colors. Some nice details include the use of a speckled design on the midsole, swoosh, and inner lining, along with his KD logo at the ankle area."
  • Harlan Schreiber of Pro Basketball News: "While I'm not a huge Carlesimo fan, Phil Jackson or Red Auerbach would stink coaching this team too. As for Scott Brooks, he was a heady player but we have no idea how he'll be ultimately as a coach. In the short term, it seems like he'll be in the exact same boat as Carlesimo, taking lumps with a chance for modest improvement near the end of the year. While Thunder management doesn't really have to worry about being fair to its coaches, this job is rigged for failure in the short term and any deck shuffling is only meant to distract the fans."
  • Ask and ye shall receive - USA Today has a statistical look at the Thunder under P.J. and now under Scott Brooks: Under Brooks, OKC is scoring average is up from 88.9 to 97.0, but the team is giving up over three more points a game. Field goal percentage is up six points, but opposing field goal percentage is up six as well. Assists per game are up 5.8 to 21.5, but rebounding is down from 44.7 per game to 34.1. But strangely, opposing rebounds per game are down from 45.5 to 40.5. So it's pretty clear, other than actually winning games, OKC has improved quite drastically under Brooks.
  • And because some are oh-so-interested: "In an effort to quell what he believes to be unfounded rumors about Chesapeake's financial stability, CEO Aubrey McClendon first addressed a conference call for analysts and reporters - which he said drew about 600 listeners - then spoke by phone with a handful of media outlets, including The Associated Press. His message: Chesapeake is making money and will continue to do so in the coming years."
  • Thunder players offer a hand for those in need: "Jacob Franks raced his bicycle down the aisle with Kevin Durant. An unsuspecting customer leaped back, unaware last year’s NBA Rookie of the Year and Jacob, 6, were test driving bikes at a Target in north Oklahoma City."
  • The Thunder has started to hug it out: "In this most desperate time — a 2-20 record and current four-game losing streak entering tonight’s game against Memphis — Thunder players have turned to the most desperate of measures. Hugging."


Anonymous said...

"So it's pretty clear, other than actually winning games, OKC has improved quite drastically under Brooks."

Again, Royce, if you had ever been an NBA fan before, you would know that teams ALWAYS show signs of life after a coaching change. That doesn't mean the coach is good or that the team has improved. Hell, the woeful T-Wolves almost beat the Jazz last night in McHale's debut. The Sonics looked much improved for about five games after Bob Hill replaced Weiss in the middle of the 05-06 season. A dreadful Sonics team went on a hot streak in its first few games under Coach McMillan, then soon returned to mediocrity.

The point is that you are looking at a tiny sample size and making broad generalizations about Coach Scotty's impact. But an initial positive impact is to be expected virtually every time a new coach steps in. The players get a brief shot of adrenaline and hope. Then they remember they are 2-20 and playing in OKC, and proceed to return to their miserable selves (see: Monday's drubbing at the hands of the pitiful Warriors).

Anonymous said...

Come on take it easy on him he's just a dumb Okie.

Anonymous said...

That shoe is hell on earth. It looks like every pop music group from the early 90s threw up on a pair of Air Jordans.