Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday Bolts - 12.31.08

  • Rob Mahoney on the Krstic signing: "Pretty sweet pick-up for the Thunder, though. The team has been ridiculously competitive this season in relation to their laughable record; it seems as though every time I tune in or check a mid-game box score, they're nursing a tiny lead or facing a manageable deficit. The issue isn't one of effort, and you'd know as much if you watch the Thunder regularly (the few, the proud). There just isn't enough talent on the roster for the bunch to be a good team, and Krstic certainly helps there. Dude can play, though he's certainly not without his flaws. His presence suddenly makes Chris Wilcox and Joe Smith's expiring deals just that much more expendable, and one can only hope that OKC will get back prospects or picks in return."
  • Russell Westbrook is No. 3 in ESPN's Rookie Award Watch: "His confidence is growing and, with the season not even halfway complete, don't be surprised if he makes a serious push to join Rose and Mayo in the conversation for top rookie honors. Of course he needs to improve on his shooting percentage and cut down on his turnovers, but he has been a much better player in December than he was in November and he is only going to keep improving."
  • Nope, no Krstic tonight: The Thunder signed Krstic to a three-year, $15.6 million deal that launches a new chapter in his NBA career. Krstic will not be in uniform tonight against Golden State and cannot suit up until the final paperwork is completed on his work visa.
  • Teammates on Krstic: "Smith said that opponents will respect Krstic’s midrange jump shot to the point where it should open up driving lanes for his teammates. “It also helps with (having) another outlet on the perimeter whenever they do get caught in traffic,” Smith said. Simply having another able-bodied big man who has shown a knack for scoring should benefit everyone. But let’s make one thing clear: the Thunder didn’t bring Krstic here to resuscitate the franchise or save the season. He is a piece to the puzzle, albeit one who is expected to make significant contributions."


Anonymous said...

The only bolts an Oklahoma City fan should be concerned with are real lightening bolts that would hopefully hit them and put them out of their misery.

Anonymous said...

More useless links from the OKCwide leader in sports information.

Kris said...

Hey Anonymous, why don't you go elsewhere if you think this blog is so bad? You must secretly like The Thunderworld, or else why would you cowardly post so often?