Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday Bolts - 12.2.08

  • A nice statistical breakdown by Joe on "valuing the rock:" Coach Brooks took over the team as the interim coach and immediately began making changes to the way this team rolls. The changes were needed because the Thunder were becoming the laughingstock of the league. Last in field goal %, last offensive efficiency, last in wins…you get the idea.
  • The extra work is paying off for Jeff Green: "To Jeff Green, the differences are quite noticeable. Whenever he had the ball along the 3-point line last season as a rookie, Green said opponents wanted him to shoot it. They urged him to."
  • OKC Thunder Fans is totally revamped and ready to go: "Sometime in 2001 I drove by the under construction Ford Center with my son and asked, “Do you think there’s any chance we could ever get an NBA team in Oklahoma City?” He looked at me like I was ten years old and said, “There is no way Oklahoma City will get an NBA team.” I have forgotten his reasoning, but it convinced me, I drove on and forgot about it. Fast forward to September of 2005 and Hurricane Katrina. Shortly after that disastrous storm we began hearing whispers in Oklahoma City that the Hornets might play here while New Orleans was being rebuilt, and this time I dismissed the possibility out of hand. I was wrong, obviously, and for two incredible seasons we hosted the New Orleans-Oklahoma City Hornets."


Anonymous said...

You mean theres another web site dedicated to looting NBA teams? Thanks for the tip. They need to know how much Okies are despised by the real world as well.

Anonymous said...

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