Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Bolts - 10.22.08

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  •'s massive team preview is up for both the Western and Eastern conferences. Be sure to check out point No. 6 on the Thunder page. Booyah.
  • Please read this wonderful season preview from Pro Basketball News. It's perfectly written and it really expresses everything I've ever tried to say concerning the Sonics evolution into the Thunder. "Set aside how screwed the people in Seattle feel long enough to realize that fans in Oklahoma City have nothing to do with said screwing. All they did was support New Orleans' team impressively enough to wind up inheriting their own when local businessman Clay Bennett essentially gifts it to them ... Sentimentality is all that makes the situation different. Seattle just had a team ripped away from it. Oklahoma City is perceived as a pack of poachers. The wound is too fresh right now to see it at face value. That knowledge won't stop many of you from casting an evil eye towards the league's newest fan base, anyway." Amen. Amen. We just love our new team. Don't hate us.
  • The Ankle Sprain Fairy has struck again. Doesn't seem to serious with the way Coach Peej was talking and the fact that Kevin Durant "may" miss the last two preseason games.

  • And here's some *awesome breakdown of the injuries by Darnell Mayberry and some other guy. Could NewsOK possibly put anyone more awkward on camera? That's not a challenge NewsOK.

  • Here's a look at OKC's season tickets which started arriving on folk's doorsteps yesterday. (Thanks to artbypaul from, click to make bigger.) Where does Paul live? In a Saudi Arabian castle?


Anonymous said...

about NewsOK videos, I think ya sorta have to watch those knowing those are writers and not professional TV announcers. What they're caught up in is declining hard copy paper sales that's forcing them to the internet. And that results in sports writers forced to be something they're not. I actually have some empathy for them as their job description has changed dramatically.

Royce said...

You make a really good point, but that doesn't hide the fact that boy, they sure seem uncomfortable. For our sake, I wish they'd hire some TV people.

Samuel said...

Days until KD and Jeff Green hit the free agent market: 616

Days until KD and Jeff Green leave Oklahoma City for a bigger market: 617