Friday, January 9, 2009

Rockets vs. Thunder: Pre-game primer


Houston Rockets (22-15) vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (5-31)
Friday, Jan. 9
Ford Center
Oklahoma City, OK
7:00 CST

TV: FS Oklahoma
Radio: WWLS The Sports Animal

It should be a somber crowd tonight at the Ford. Maybe we should all wear black as we mourn the loss of the Sooners. Twas a wonderful season, but nothing hurts more than coming up empty-handed on the biggest stage in your sport.

Maybe the Thunder can give us some solace! Yeah.

I'm in the process of setting up the new website, so I'm a little swamped. But here's a quick breakdown:

Rockets good.
Thunder not so much.

But I actually sort of like OKC to play well tonight despite that 42-point whooping the other night. Under Scott Brooks, that doesn't happen much and typically the team comes back competitive. Hopefully, Nenad Krstic gets more settled in tonight and unlike the Wolves, the Rockets don't hit EVERYTHING. The Rockets are just .500 on the road and the Thunder have played them relatively well. And I'm kind of excited to have a real 7-footer to match up on Yao. I'm going to go on record and make a prediction for tonight: Oklahoma City 101, Houston 97. Yep. Maybe I'm reaching because I need something to help me get over last night. As you can see, I took it pretty hard.


Sam said...

This is a fantastic blog! Go Thunder!!!!!!!

MartzMimic said...


It was a dark and stormy night. The distant sound of Thunder peals through the dimly lit offices of the Professional Basketball Club, LLC. You can hear telephone keys being pressed, then a quiet ringing on the other end of the line.

Aubrey McClendon: "Hello?"

Clay Bennett: "Aubrey, this is Clay. Who was it on the NBA Board of Governors that voted against us moving to Oklahoma City?"

Aubrey McClendon: "Well we knew Mark didn't want to lose any of his Oklahoma fan base."

Clay Bennett: "Yeah, yeah, Cuban's always going to be Cuban. Who was the other guy? (Pause) Say, have you heard of a kid named Darius Miles?"

Sam said...

Whoever wrote the post above is the smartest person in Oklahoma. That is well done.