Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Bolts - 11.18.08

  • Ball Don't Lie, Behind the Box Score: "Robert Swift started. He started and he played 25 minutes with six points and eight rebounds and two assists with two blocks and he started. Jokes aside, good news. Albeit three years too late. Russell Westbrook needed 14 shots to score 14 points, he had more turnovers (three) than assists (two), and he may not ‘ave a clue, but he is the future. And he had five steals in 28 minutes."
  • Blue Blitz's take: "Part of the reason the Thunder had such a successful first half was because they followed the gameplan that I laid out in the preview. Specifically, that means pick n' roll things to death. They got so, so many easy midrange shots and drives to the basket, it was awesome. But in the third, it's like they decided they could do it on pure energy alone. They felt the arena intensity and completely abandoned the gameplan. They started trying to create for themselves, and I even saw Petro take a turnaround jumper with two guys in his face. Hello? Heck, Jeff Green tried to lift it over 3 guys and do this layup at the free throw line."
  • SI's power rankings: "Seven straight losses have killed a lot of the excitement surrounding the NBA's newest franchise. We're guessing there will be more than a few wistful OKC hoops fans when the city's one-time adopted club, New Orleans, makes its first appearance as a visitor Friday."
  • Kevin Durant is "glad we made the move": "Pretty good, actually. I'm loving Oklahoma City. I was just telling that to my teammates last night at dinner. It's a great town. It's quiet, the people are nice, the fans are unbelievable, and that's what we need as a team. It goes a long way with us that the fans are there every day, whether we are winning or losing. I'm glad we made the move."
  • P.J. sees good stuff in another loss: "It was a very good first step,” said coach P.J. Carlesimo. "Again, it’s still a loss. So we have to play better. "We have to build on it. We can’t settle for a much better performance over 48 minutes against a really good team and slip back the way we did last week.”
  • Joe's recap: "Again the practice of putting four quarters of efficient, consistent basketball eluded the Thunder Monday night against the Rockets. I think actually, the concept has been missing in every game so far this season."


Anonymous said...

Kevin Durant loves OKC so much that he'll consider keeping his house there after he signs with the Nets in 2011.

criminy. said...

I am loving the Blunder losses and non-sellouts all the way from Guatemala.

Anonymous said...

Pinning for the hornets while they have their own team to support sounds about right for OKC. Good job OKC!!! Way to make the NBA feel welcome by not selling out home games and eagerly awaiting the return of the Hornets.

OKC blunder fans do it again.

Zorgon said...

Back in the Bolts! Yeah!

Also: I'll be cheering for the Thunder on Friday, not the Hornets.

Anonymous said...

When you write about something other than B.O. you have a better chance of being mentioned.