Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thundercast - #1

Joe ( and I decided to try our hand at the other medium of sports blogs - podcasting. We're not professionals and don't claim to be slick on the mic, but it was fun to put together and try out. If it's a hit, we'll definitely do more. But keep in mind, this is the first one so it may be a little rough around the edges. And also, keep in mind we recorded Tuesday, November 11, so anything referred to as "tomorrow" or "last night" should be considered from there. Also, feel free to email questions or post questions in the comments and Joe and I would love to answer some in the next podcast.

In today's episode:
- Discussion of what went right and what went wrong Monday night's loss in Indiana
- Breakdown of the Thunder's offensive struggles
- Should Russell Westbrook be starting?
- The potential impact of Robert Swift


Anonymous said...

That's no conduct, let me say that much.

- George "the bear" George

Anonymous said...

bravo, I like, I dig it, want more of it.

Anonymous said...

Although I do kind of smell a possibility for conduct II with special guest the bear.

Zorgon said...

Okay, listened to the whole thing. I'll list the good and bad points:

Joe obviously knew what he was talking about.
Royce seemed like a really good host, and was good at structuring the debate.
I agreed with almost everything you guys said. Sometimes I disagreed a bit, but most of the time it was spot on.

It seemed obvious that you guys don't know each other that well. I suppose that's natural with a first podcast, so that will improve with time.
Royce sometimes seemed at a loss of words, because Joe had explained everything in such great detail that it was impossible to add. It almost seemed like an interview.
Joe would blather on sometimes too long. He'd get into what X team was doing and what Y team was doing, and, to be honest, at time it just couldn't keep my attention. It would be easier on the ears if he tied the stuff he was saying into the Thunder more definitively.
Kind of ended on an awkward note.

Okay, I know it seems like I wrote a lot more bad than good, but I'm more of a critic than anything else, and, obviously, it was your first time.

I think that if you guys keep looking to improve and start talking to each other a bit more, the podcast will improve with time.

Also, I think that Ben and I might try our own just for kicks now. Probably not regularly, but just so you can hear what our voices sound like and so you can make fun of how much worse ours is.

Anyway, I've said too much. Great job!



AD said...

Great Job Guys !!!

Keep it going...

We're a young team, organization, city, and fans... it'll take us alittle time to put everything together...

look forward to more from both of you...

Crow said...

I thought the content was pretty good. The delivery was solid especially for a first run.

It could be amped with some bumper music, maybe sharper segmenting perhaps spaced with some quick hitting elements.

A third voice, maybe special guest might create more pathways for variety and discussion produced insight.

Crow said...

Or given the talk of a second duo podcast maybe have tag team "Thunder Clashes" or at least point / counterpoint commentary back and forth indirect or live. Spice it up and good natured fun.

Crow said...

You could trade back n forth being special guests for a few minutes here and there and in the spirit of pro wrestling have that 2 on 1 action.

Crow said...


When is a mainstream media person going to ask Presti or PJ and get an answer why the Thunder is so out of step and designed to date out of step with league and league trend to use the 3 point more?

Desmond Mason is on all 4 of the lineups used more than 10 minutes that are positive on +/-. Why is this happening? Is this lick or is he actually serving as an effective teammate despite his very weak offense?

The only other 2 lineups used 10 minutes as of November were with Jeff Green and very very weak on +/-. Do Presti and PJ even read these stats or care?

Crow said...

Any doubts from Presti - or team observers- about Westbrook given that of all players who play 20+ minutes a game and "use" the ball above average he is the 4th least efficient scorer in the league?

Being an inefficient scorer and a weak PG with barely a 1:1 A/TO ratio is not what you'd want for a PG of the future.

Though it is early and he does have a good adjusted +/-.

Crow said...

luck not lick