Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Bolts - 11.11.08

  • Indy Cornrows on last night's game: "Me? I'm celebrating this W, warts and all. I've seen far too many games like this end up as a loss over the past two years. Nope, winning a game against a team you should beat when you play like you should lose is big for thie Pacers. Adversity impacts all 30 NBA teams and the Pacers margin for error is too slim to count Ws regardless of where the opponent sits in the standings."
  • Russell Westbrook is learning how to play in crunch time, writes Darnell Mayberry: "Westbrook said after the game the minutes down the stretch taught him a valuable lesson in time of possession, when and when not to take shots and when to attack versus setting up a quality possession."It helps me a lot,” Westbrook said of his minutes down the stretch. "You get comfortable in crunch-time situations. I’m just learning each game.”'
  • Kevin Durant to be in another Nike commercial: "In more of an interview type of set-up, Durant is seen dribbling a basketball while answering personal questions about his family, his favorite moments growing up, when he knew he loved the game of basketball and what he typically does before a game. "It’s something different,” Durant said. "It’s not scripted at all. Hopefully, it comes out pretty nice, and I hope everybody likes it.”' (In case you're wondering, this is the other one he was in. My quick is quicker than your quick.)
  • Mike Wells from the Indianapolis Star: "On a night in which about the only thing he did wrong was make a move with the basketball that was so good he tweaked his ankle, Ford led his team to a 107-99 come-from-behind victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday at Conseco Fieldhouse. "I want the ball," Ford said. "I'm pretty sure it's going to be two people, myself or Danny (Granger with the ball). Pick and roll was something we were getting good shots off. Fortunately I was able to make some good moves and get to the basket."'
  • Joe from Thunderguru recaps last night: "P.J. again went with small ball down the stretch to match Indiana’s small, fast lineup. He had Durant, Watson, Westbrook, Collison and Mason in the game to counter Indiana’s lineup of T.J.Ford, Marquis Daniels, Jarrett Jack, Danny Granger and Jeff Foster. Both teams were essentially playing two point guards, one power forward and no center. I ranted and raved in last night’s game wrap about these small ball lineups that P.J. trots out. It drives me absolutely mad. Instead of making the other team match up to us, P.J. plays the other guy’s game. Instead of putting big Rob in there, who was extremely efficient in the third, he plays small ball." (claps)
  • Ball Don't Lie, Behind the Box Score: It really did come down to concentration. The Pacers were always a step behind as Oklahoma City made the extra dribble which led to the extra pass which seemed to lead to the easy lay-in or earned trip to the free throw line. Really, though, it started on offense. The Pacers would miss a runner in the lane, or a reverse, or a close attempt at a finish off an interior pass; and it would eventually lead to an advantage on the other end.

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